[PR] Funnyplan launching a HTML5-based messenger ‘Pager’ beta service

Funnyplan launching a HTML5-based messenger ‘Pager’ beta service

– Enjoy real-time group chat with any devices without installing it
– N-screen technology brought to life after 2 weeks of development

(2013/03/01, Seoul, Korea) – FUNNYPLAN has launched a beta version of its web-based messenger ‘Pager’(http://pager.funnyplan.com) on March 3. ‘Pager’ has several key features, of which the most noticeable is its compatibility with any smart device – PCs, smartphones, and tablet PCs. Based on HTML5 and Javacript, its users can enjoy real-time group chatting without any kind of installation. ‘Pager’ was initially created for FUNNYPLAN members to communicate with each another. It is currently receiving hot reviews from developers and users as it opens a new horizon of HTML5.

‘Pager’ enables users to enjoy real-time group chat with any devices.

‘Pager’ towers above other messengers in terms of interface. A ‘Post-it’ like message is created on the top as users send it. Each message is connected in another color. An insider says they will add new features later on such as a personalized message design.

Not only that, it also enables users to invite friends and talks to them without installation. Since it is a web-based application, users can sign up with a Facebook account or an email account via any smart device. Unlike other web-based apps, ‘Pager’ sends push notifications to email accounts when users go off-line.

The beta version is available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and PCs with Safari and Chrome browser. Soon, ‘Pager’ will expand its service to other browers and devices. It is still an early stage for HTML5-based messengers, but the public attention indicates that there’s some potential here. To give ‘Pager’ a complete facelift for any device, FUNNYPLAN is inviting beta testers. Anyone who wants to sign up for the beta service is welcome to visit: http://pager.funnyplan.com

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PR Video] HTML5 based messenger, Pager beta launched – fixed from funnyplan on Vimeo.

According to Changwoo Nam, the founder of FUNNYPLAN, as ‘Pager’ goes into open beta when the process is far from complete, it will continues to improve its functions and features. He says, “‘Pager’ will open up a door of opportunity toward HTML5-based web application.” FUNNYPLAN is currently developing ‘PIXTO.RE’, which is an ePhotobook maker for mobile devices. Actively expanding their portfolio, they are now hiring developers and UI designers.



FUNNYPLAN(founded in 2012, www.funnyplan.com) is a startup company that develops HTML5 and Javascript-based mobile application. It has been chosen as the Global K-Startup by Korea Communication Commission. They are currently developing ‘PIXTO.RE’, which is a ePhotobook publishing service with through mobile devices like tablet PCs. The objective is to create a happy, energetic work environment and share it with customers.


Contact Us

∙ Sukyung Noh (U.S., PR Manager)   +1 319-541-2102
∙ Changwoo Nam (South Korea, Founder)   +82-010-8141-7309



* Video: http://youtu.be/LN4NQbbeTHU
* Download attachement: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3s1k0i2c7s89udd/elzwN_-1an

* Press Release in english: http://bit.ly/Wq5INb
* 보도자료 한글로 보기: http://bit.ly/Wq8vpR 

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